Painting Tips and Advice from the Pros

Redfin Article - How to Give Your Home a Makeover Using Only Paint

As a professional painting company, we see a lot of homeowners make the same mistakes. One of the biggest is selecting the wrong paint sheen. Sheen simply refers to how glossy the paint is, and this is an important factor for interior painting…

New Year, New Paint

Give your Room a Makeover for 2020 by Adding Color  With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to get a jump start on transforming rooms in your home that look tired into something much more appealing. After all, you’re not the…
Room with green paint

Different Paint Sheen Types

A paints “sheen” simply refers to how glossy the paint is. This can be an important factor for interior painting projects. The glossier the paint, the shinier it is and the easier it will reflect the light. Any can of paint will clearly…
Popcorn ceiling removal

Tips for Removing Popcorn Ceilings-Call the Professionals

If your home’s ceiling is covered in ridges or bumps which is a popcorn ceiling, it was likely built in the 60s or 70s. Popcorn ceilings have not only become dated over the years, but it can pose a high risk of collecting dust and allergens.…

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays with Flowers Painting

Fall is in full swing here in North Carolina. That means the holidays are right around the corner. Getting your home ready for the upcoming holidays has never been easier with the help of Flowers Painting. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint…
Painter painting drywall

Tips for Painting Drywall

Your new walls are up and you can’t wait to paint them. But WAIT! New drywall requires a very different painting strategy than painting existing walls in your home. If you don’t take the time to paint your new walls right, you will be left…